Tee Library Lines Up

Tee Library Lines Up

Wed, 10th Feb 2016

From Seoul, Korea, Tee Library are a t-shirt brand with a difference. Influenced by literature and notable fairy tales, all of their imagery and graphics either directly reference or draw influence from fables, poetry from the 20th Century.


One of our most unique lines in the BlackBook family, you are never short of options when it comes to selection from Tee Library, with literally a library to chose from. Whether Napoleon Boneapart is for you, or you prefer a Grimm Brothers fable, there's a story for everyone with this collection. 

The concept behind Tee Library: "We are born into a world of stories. As we get older we learn to read and encounter new stories in books. These books shape the way we speak, act, and think, finally, becoming part of our lives.

Tee Library’s mission is to bring these books and stories back into our lives. Reminding you of the tales that shaped you into who you are today. Speaking to your memories about your original passions and dreams that might have gotten lost through time. We want to encourage you to pursue them once again and to believe that all things are possible."

Most of Tee Library’s t-shirts use water-based screen printing inks, which differ from most commercial inks that are plastisol ink. Plastisol ink tends to stick to the top of the fabric threads, instead of being absorbed, which creates a puffy and stiff appearance. In contrast water-based inks penetrate the fabric, where the ink lm cannot be easily felt. They use water-based inks to keep the softness that their t-shirts offer. Another characteristic is that colors might fade within the first couple of washes like the way jeans do. This is intentional from the brand as they believe that this is what gives their t-shirts their natural and classic look that they aim for. 

Designs include:

WOLF AND SEVEN KIDS “Based on the fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm”

YORRICK  “A fictional character out of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the dead Court Jester who’s skull was discovered by a grave digger. Known for the famous line, ”Alas poor Yorrick, I knew him Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest…”

THE MAN WHO LAUGHS  “One of Victor Hugo’s most obscure works, also published under the title By Order of The King, originally published in 1869”


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