Meet The Dudes

Meet The Dudes

Fri, 30th Oct 2015


For those of you who are BlackBook regulars, you’re maybe already familiar with The Dudes, but seeing as though we are the only stockist in Australia for this killer brand, and with the relaunch of our new site, we wanted to take a moment to formally introduce you to the guys that still aren’t giving a fuck.

Direct from Berlin, The Dudes is one brand that gets better with every delivery. With ongoing collaboration with illustrator McBess, their style is easily identified and sought after. They aim to create a world that is uniquely theirs. Masculine, hedonistic, arty and in their own words, a little smelly. At their flagship store in Gemany they even have their own bar and delicatessen what man den would be complete without the ability to look good, be inspired whilst slamming down your favourite lager and burger? Don’t be deceived by their attitude to “not give a fuck” they value quality and craftsmanship and like a find aged whiskey, their apparel meets the highest standards. Get familiar with the range in store and online now, they’re sure to become one of your new favorites.

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