Johnny Cupcakes Instore NOW

Johnny Cupcakes Instore NOW

Sun, 15th Nov 2015

Johnny Cupcakes, known for his knack for mixing baked goods and pop culture perfection has delivered yet again with the latest delivery to BlackBook Tees.


With new designs drawing reference from some classic moments in cinematic history alongside some new parodies, once again this cult favourite brand doesn’t disappoint. From Steven Spielberg’s ET to a Jack Daniels alteration, is there any other brand that could seamlessly jump from alien to alcohol? Probably not. With new accessories including beanies, stickers and socks, if there was ever a time to get excited about JC, it’s now! Head to the “Johnny Cupcakes” section of the site or send us an email at info@blackbooktees.com.au so that you can pick up some of the freshest baked goods.

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