The Hundreds X Back To The Future Collaboration

The Hundreds X Back To The Future Collaboration

Wed, 21st Oct 2015

30 years since Back to the Future was originally released and our favourite Los Angeles streetwear brand, The Hundreds is paying homage with a coinciding collaboration. With The Hundreds co-founder Bobby Hundreds being such of fan of the film, even owning a DeLorean, this collaboration was a long time coming.


We took this straight from Bobby’s own blog so you can have a bit more of how this all came about :

 “I was picking up my car from the shop the other day and saw that the guys at DeLorean Motor Center were working on a Back to the Future time-machine conversion, as they often do. This particular one was to be used for the Spike Awards which aired last night, in which Michael J. Fox actually drives out in the replica. And then I realized that this year is the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future, and while I was in the middle of all these eye-opening epiphanies, I remembered that October 21 (tomorrow) is the focal date of the entire Back to the Future trilogy that bounces between 1955, 1985, and 2015. And then it was brought to my attention that the pop culture world is already far ahead of me on this one as 25th Anniversary Back to the Future-themed events are planned for the entire next month, along with that never-before-seen Eric Stoltz footage as Marty McFly hitting the internet, and the Blu-Ray finally coming out and so on and so forth. Awesome.

Back to the Future II is my favorite movie in the history of cinematic masterpieces (Barely scraping by every Kevin Smith movie ever made, and any film Jennifer Connelly stars in). From the DeLorean to the hoverboards, the entire BTTF trilogy is my youth wrapped up in one big flux capacitor.”

For now, all we have is the above teaser that reads “Back to The Hundreds” in a movie-inspired script, as well as the date of October 21, 2015, but to be amongst the first in Australia to get your hands on this amazing collaboration send us an email info@blackbooktees.com.au so you don’t miss out. Or jump straight to “THE HUNDREDS” to shop the current range at BlackBookTees.



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