About BlackBook tees

Our aim at BlackBook Tees, and what we take pride in, is finding what we consider to be the best independent labels from around the world plus a few others we love. These include collabs, limited edition tees, bigger labels that started with us when they were small, labels exclusive to us in Australia and many more.

We are not bound by one particular style, cut or design, we are on the  ‘never ending’ mission to discover the best brands and ideas, which define the essence of tees and the culture and lifestyle we love.

Being BlackBook - the naughty thing you keep and never throw out, the range has evolved from just our love of tees, to include Sash’s passion for hats and more recently swap cards. Being the self-professed sports geek that he is, it made sense to add these “life essentials” to our BlackBook collection.

Happy Shopping!